POR-15� Primer, Top Coats, and Clear Coats


Topcoats for POR-15 � and other finishes

Here are the companion products you've been asking for. BLACKCOTE�, CHASSISCOAT BLACK� and STIRLING SILVER are topcoats with attributes similar to POR-15� Rust Preventive Coating, but with no sensitivity to UV light. All are highly flexible, non-porous, extremely scratch and chip resistant, and strengthened by exposure to moisture. Use any one of them over POR-15� for the toughest, most permanent protection against rust and corrosion ever developed. They won't crack, chip or peel, and they look terrific.

BLACKCOTE� is a beautiful glossy black finish, CHASSISCOAT BLACK� has a smooth, satiny semi-gloss finish, while STIRLING SILVER has a medium-gloss silver appearance. If your car or truck was produced in the USA from the early 50's to today, the semi-gloss black finish is probably more 'correct as original' for underhood and chassis components, while earlier vehicles usually came with gloss black frames, chassis, and underhood parts. Call us today, and order the one that best suits your needs.

   Topcoats Pint............$22.00


Here it is, the toughest, most beautiful white coating you'll ever use. Like our internationally-famous POR-15�, WHITECOTE� cures to a rock-hard, non-porous finish that won't chip, crack, or peel when applied as directed. It's perfect for wrought iron patio furniture, plumbing fixtures, etc., because it's super-tough, not UV-sensitive, and brilliantly white. Use it to repair a bathtub or sink with chips or rust stains, or to paint and protect an old boat, trailer or RV, or anything that you want to be permanently white. Call today!

Quart - $45.00
Gallon - $155.00


Is it bare metal, or is it Metal Mask?
Rejoice, restorers! After years of development, POr-15 has finally answered your urgent requests for a super-tough coating that looks just like bare metal. Now you can permenently coat and protect all of those components on your chassis that were left unpainted by the factory when the vehicle was new. Items such as spindles, steering boxes, coil brackets, rear ends, leaf springs, bolt heads, suspension components, master cylinders, coil springs, gas tanks, cast iron transmission housings, and others will look 'factory correct' when coated with METAL MASK.

Gone forever are the days when you had to rely on cheapo cans of enamel spray paint that look good for a few months or weeks, but cannot withstand the rigors of the road.

METAL MASK is extremely tough, very chip and scratch resistant, and amazingly close to the color of brand-new cast iron or bare steel.

And, METAL MASK is the perfect coating for the high stress bracketry, such as hood hinges, hood springs, hood latch assemblies, etc. It is super tough yet flexible, making it perfect for those areas where enamel paint is sure to flake away. Try METAL MASK on your project today!

paint line
We Painted 1/2 of this ball joint with METAL MASK to show how closely it matches the appearance of bare metal.

NOTE: No coating is as effective as our own POR-15� for stopping rust. So, if you plan to use METAL MASK on a rusty item, or one that is subject to future rust, we strongly recommend that you first coat the item with POR-15� ... the nation's most effective rust preventive paint.

Metal Mask
8 oz - $14.00
Pint - $22.00
Quart - $38.00


Check out our new super-tough "HARDNOSE" paints.
These beautiful, two-component coatings are stronger than any color paints you have ever tried. The long-lasting brilliant colors will look terrific wherever you use them, and will withstand incredible abuse. You'll be amazed and delighted at how well HARDNOSE paints hold up under conditions that would quickly destroy ordinary finishes.
HARDNOSE paints are two-component finishes, with long "pot-life", so they're very easy and convenient to use.

Use HARDNOSE paints on your garage floor, and you'll have a beautiful finish that will never chip, crack, or peel. Put

HARDNOSE on your tractor, wheel barrow, or bulldozer ... anything that needs tough paint.

HARDNOSE paints are also excellent for industrial applications. Use our safety yellow or orange colors on floors, machinery guards, or heavy equipment, and then stand back and marvel at how long they last under abuse.

Put HARDNOSE Paints on the chassis of your car, truck, or motorcycle, and quit worrying about stone chips and gravel roads. You'll be amazed at the toughness.

HARDNOSE Paints colors

Quart - $45.00
Gallon - $155.00


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