POR-15� Puttys for Rust Repair


'Unbelievable', that's what restorers say when they see a demonstration of this incredible EPOXY PUTTY product.

It's so strong you can drill and tap it, yet gentle enough that you can apply it with your bare fingers.

And since it's WATER BASED, you can simply wet your fingers, and work with it until it is almost perfectly smooth before it dries

eliminating most sanding! But when it cures, it's ROCK HARD, making it perfect for repairing steel, plastics, concrete, etc. Amazingly, it even sticks to damp surfaces, and will cure UNDERWATER, so it can be used to fix leaking basement walls, swimming pools, plumbing fixtures and so much more. Put some EPOXY PUTTY in your toolbox today. You'll find yourself using it all over your shop and home.

  • Mixes like clay
  • Hardens like steel
  • Cures in water
  • Great Insulator
  • Easy to use
  • No measuring or weighing
  • Stays in place, doesn't slump or sag
  • Malleable consistency, fill in anywhere
  • Can be sanded, drilled, machined, sawed & painted
  • Workable with bare hands
One pound pack of POR Epoxy Putty - $19.00
Six pounds of POR Epoxy Putty - $99.00




For years POR-15 has been working on a product to repair cracks, pits or holes in exhaust manifolds, tailpipes, mufflers, or other components subjected to high temperatures while in use. Because replacement parts are often difficult or impossible to find, there is a real need for this type of product in the marketplace. FIRE SEAL 2000� is a single-component (no mixing required) ceramic and stainless steel-filled putty that is

resistant to fuels, oils, and corrosives. After it is fully cured, it will withstand temperatures up to 2000� F. FIRE SEAL 2000� may be applied to rough-surfaced or sandblasted steel, stainless steel, or cast iron.

Use a putty knife, small trowel or spatula to apply. Curing: Let FIRE SEAL 2000� dry for 16-24 hours. Begin final cure by idling engine for 10-15 minutes at a time. You may sand FIRE SEAL 2000� after it is fully cured, using a file or medium grit sandpaper. Do not use any lubricants for machining, but always use a dust mask to avoid inhaling the sanding dust.

Tube with 2 one-ounce packets

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